A Cuffed Bartender

Bartender DS
Image via Wikipedia
Robert Gold Bartender
Image via Wikipedia

With hanndcuffs

Fastened to  his belt

I sipped my vodka and lime

Waiting patiently

For my play partner

To end his shift

At the alternative pub

His long dark locks

The piercing stare

Bending over

He moaned

Softly in my ear

Like a dog in heat


Lights Up

Last call

It was our turn

Driving home

I teased

I tormented

I bit his engorged


Once Inside

I handcuffed him

To the bed

Twisted and pinched

His nipples

He begged for more

Grabbing his hair

Kissing him deeply

I mounted him

Riding him

He bucked

We exploded

In orgasmic Ecstacy



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