Brother Johnson visits Southwick Manor

Jayne Building (demolished) from Library of Co...
Jayne Building (demolished) from Library of Congress (Photo credit: whitewall buick)

Brother Johnson was on his weekly trek up the winding road that led to Southwick Manor to call upon Mistress Jayne for tea.  Southwick Manor loomed high atop the hillside, and the village folk often gossiped about Miss Jayne. Their innuendos ran rampant, with stories of wild orgies and witchcraft abound.

Truth be told, Brother Johnson was coming up the hill for more than a spot of tea. He was captivated by Mistress Jayne, so much so, that he had broken the very vows he held so sacred.

Brother Johnson rapped on the door gently. He could hear her stilettos clicking across the floor. His heart beat faster and faster.

“Come in,  Darling,” Said a curvy auburn haired woman in her late thirties, with fine porcelain skin.

“Yes, Mistress Jayne,” he said walking through the threshold.

” Come sit by the fire with me, Brother Johnson, ” she said walking over to the settee by the fireplace.

Pouring two cups of tea, she ran her heel up and down the length of his inner leg.

“Some sugar?” she asked , staring deeply into his eyes.

He was mesmerized. Sugar? There’s only one kind of sugar I can think of right now.  Thoughts raced through his head . He had to have her.

Tousling her fingers playfully through his hair, she led him to where he wanted to be. The sweet spot. Like honey he lapped at her. Juices flowing like nectar from the Gods into his mouth. She pushed her fleshy mound up into his mouth, and he devoured every drop of her as if she were a ripe peach. Fountains spew forth from her, as she pulled his hair.

Mistress Jayne pulled him up into her, where he began to slowly take her. Inching his way in, gliding, she felt like a wet and wild wonderland to him and he was in awe of her beauty. Suckling her erect nipples, he began to intensify his intrusiveness, going in as deep as he could go. He began to pound her with furious long strides, and she grabbed his belt and began flogging him with it. This appeared to add to his pleasure, He moaned, and she bucked , flogging harder and faster, moving her body in perfect rhythm with his. Eventually exploding in a fiery culmination of orgasmic bliss.


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