You Better Treat Her Like a Lady

English: A nipple clamp clamping a man's nipple.
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Mistress Rosie led Alfie down to the basement where she kept her toys and equipment. He had been sent to her for punishment and discipline befitting a chauvinististic pig.  Seems Alfie had been taking advantage of the women in his secretarial pool at work, had impregnated his wife‘s maid, and took liberties with his wife’s trust fund.

The Misses contacted Mistress Rosie to to teach him how to behave properly around ladies, and told her to use any means possible.

“Alfie, you have been a rather naughty boy, ” Mistress Rosie said to him as she led him down the stairs on a leash and collar.

“Yes, Mistress. I suppose so.” Alfie answered sheepishly.

“Your wife has sent you to me to show you some respect, and yes to dole out some punishment. You do understand this, Alfie?” Mistress Rosie asked,  picking up her whip.

“Yes, Mistress”, he answered.

Mistress Rosie went to her wardrobe, and pulled out a bander.  Walking over to Alfie she placed it around his testicles. She then Instructed him to climb up a few stairs, where she could secure him in suspension atop the rafters.  She placed nipple clamps on each of his nipples. Walking behind him, she assumed her stance and began to crack her whip against his flesh. Twenty lashes appeared to be enough.

Blood was dripping from his back down onto the floor. The bander must be removed, or he will lose his testicles, or should he? She pondered on this thought.

She walked over to face him and unsecured the bander, letting it fall to the floor.

“You understand that you have been found guilty of crimes against women. Robbing your wife’s trust fund, impreganting her maid. Forcing your female employees to have sex with you to keep their jobs. You are lucky I even allow you to keep you pathetic excuse of a cock. Having been found guilty of crimes against women , what have you to say for yourself. Alfie? She sneered at him/

” I will be a good and submissive husband, living only to serve my wife and make her every whim and desire come true.  I understand the importance and strength that women bare. ” Alfie answered.

“Very well, I will return you to your wife tomorrow, and I hope you have learned your lesson, Alfie, ” added Mistress Rosie.



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