Brother Johnson Gives up Abstinence for Lent

Lenten Array
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It had been nearly three months since Brother Johnson had found the time to visit Southwick Manor, and pay a call upon Mistress Jayne. He found himself quite busy now with the Lenten season upon him, but knew that he must find time to slip away and make the trek up the long and winding road to Southwick Manor to see Mistress Jayne.

One evening after the church was shut down for the night, Brother Johnson decided it was time for him to make his journey.  Up the winding road he traversed, careful of the stones in the road. His mind wandered aimlessly with thoughts of how to approach Mistress Jayne. Would he just come right out and ask her to relieve his suffering, or after a glass of wine would he slip it into the conversation? What was it about her that he could not give up, that drove him to break his vows?  He pondered this question until he came upon the door of Southwick Manor.

Knocking gently on the door, he thought perhaps he should just turn tail and run back to the church. He stood there frozen, as he heard her footsteps click clack across the room and inch closer to the door.

“Brother Johnson,  please come in, ” Mistress Jayne said upon opening the door.

He walked in and  she seated him in next to fire, where she received her guests.

“To what do I have this honour, ” she teased, running her fingers through his hair.

“Mistress Jayne, I needed to see you, ” He answered sheepishly.

” I Haven’t seen you for three months. Have you come to tell me what you have given up for Lent?
She asked, while stroking his inner thigh.

“I have given up abstinence for Lent, ” he answered.

Mistress Jayne laughed wildly. “You have given up abstinence for Lent! Very well,  I suppose you need to be flogged for this choice as well?”

“Yes, Mistress,” he answered handing her his belt, and kneeling naked before her.

Mistress Jayne whipped Brother Johnson with his belt as he assumed the position of her oral slave. He tenderly licked her womanhood, lapping at it like a hungry dog laps at a sweet treat. He gorged himself upon her femininity, swallowing every drop that sprang forth from her as she writhed under him, flowing juices like a three tiered fountain.

Forming a collared leash around his neck, she pulled him up to her. “Take your release, and end your abstinence!” She commanded , drawing him inside of her. She pushed her fleshy mound up to meet him, grinding and rocking. He suckled her nipples, heightening her pleasure. Taking her fingernails she clawed up his back in the throes of passion, his back already bloody from the belt whipping.

“Give it to me!” she screamed.

Brother Johnson exploded within her, shooting fiery ribbons and streams within in her. He was abstinent no more.


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