Ranting of The Undying Count

An arrogant remark

Has cost me centuries

For I linger here

The Wandering Jew of Avignon - 1784
Image via Wikipedia

Awaiting the return

I have wandered

This unforgiving earth

Living each deceptive life

Under a false pretense

My guilt gave way

To several lifestyles

To which I go unaccredited

Self- Flagulation

I taught to the


My Sadistic Nature

Was documented

By another Mad Poet

Life Immortal

Given to Vlad

The Lovely Queen

Lost her head

Over me

In Exile

With a passionate

Glow for Me

I have Corrupted

Everything in my path

For a lack of patience

If only I had let

The Master rest

Perhaps This eternal

Plague of Centuries

Long waiting

Would not

Be My Fate


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