Paging Dr. Sadistic

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Having proved yet once again that he was incapable of behaving around the female species, Alfie was returned to Mistress Rosie by her sister Elizabeth. His crimes this time were most heinous, not only was he chasing after the women in his administrative staff pool at his office, but had forced himself upon Lisa, who unbeknownst to Alfie was the niece of Elizabeth and Mistress Rosie, as they were sisters. His punishment was going to be very severe indeed. Mistress Rosie called in an old slave of hers to assist, one who had a sadistic streak as wide as hers.

“Take off his blindfold, ” Mistress Rosie ordered her slave John.

John, her towering Beast of slave, did as he was told. Alfie stood naked before her.

“Well, Alfie, ” Mistress Rosie began, ” You had your chance to straighten up and fly right. You just couldn’t deny the beast within you. It has been my experience that there is only one way to tame the beast.”

“And what is that?” Alfie asked.

Just then Dr. Samuels entered the dungeon. He walked around Alfie, looked him up and down, then laughed wickedly.

“She will tame you the same way she did me, ” Dr. Samuels answered.

“And you will assist, right, my lovely Dr. Sadistic?” Mistress Rosie asked Dr. Samuels.

“Why of course , My darling Mistress, ” he said with a glimmer in his green eyes.

” Assist in what?” Alfie asked nervously.

“Your Castration, ” Mistress Rosie answered calmly.

Alfie began to tremble, and it appeared as if he were going to shake right out of his shackles.

” Sorry old boy. This is the only way to make you docile.” Offered Dr. Samuels.

Dr. Samuels and Slave John placed Alfie upon the metal table. A cloth pad was placed beneath him. Alfie was restrained to the table, for his own safety’s sake.

“Doctor are we ready to begin?” asked Mistress Rosie.

Mistress Rosie placed a ball gag in Alfie’s mouth before she took a scalpel in her hand fro Dr. Samuels. Carefully she made the incision into his ball sac, and removed the his testicles, They hung from their cords. She severed them, as Dr. Samuels collected them in a specimen container. Alfie had been long since passed out from the pain. Dr. Samuels took over and stitched Alfie back up.

“Just like you, My Darling. Some Men will never learn until they are emasculated completely, ” Mistress Rosie said, kissing Dr Samuels on the cheek.




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