Miss Jenni’s Odyssey

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Mistress Rosie was going through a difficult time with her daughter and could not be bothered with inane requests by a selfish domme to keep an eye on her slave hubby while she went off on spring break to have a good time.  Normally it would not have been a problem for Mistress Rosie to check in on her friend’s slave, but she was going through a hard time with her daughter’s illness and explained this to Miss Jenni on several occasions.

Finally fed up with the whole ordeal, Mistress Rosie thought her friend ought to be taught a lesson for causing grief to The Wicked One.  Mistress Rosie knew that Miss Jenni had prejudices against female slaves and submissives, and often stated that she had never met one that knew how to serve properly, whereas Mistress Rosie on the other hand believes it is all in the training process. If you break a person properly, they will do damn near anything, and that is the key.

Miss Jenni often spoke of two lesbian dommes who lived on a secluded farm. Mistress Susan and Miss Sue. They were exceptional at training and breaking slaves.  It was Miss Jenni’s fate to be broken by them.

Miss Jenni arrived on the farm on a Saturday evening where she was immediately told to strip, and was given a good and proper caning on her backside by Mistress Susan. This was not something Miss Jenni was used to, she usually doled out the canings.

Realizing that she must be hungry, they slopped her food into a Dog Food bowl on the floor, and it was unrecognizable leftovers. Miss Sue stood above her with the cane, and pushed her head into the bowl, forcing her to eat.

Miss Jenni had an aversion to dogs, and Mistress Susan and Miss Sue knew this, but how she loved to use K-9 training on her own Slave hubby. It was time to break her. Bringing in their dogs they caned her until she sucked one of them off.

That night they kept her at the foot of their bed on her knees,  ankles and wrists cuffed behind her with a funnel in her mouth, using her for a human chamber pot.

Convinced she had not been fully broken , and just to be extra wicked I suppose, Mistress Susan and Miss Sue held the leash tight around her neck and alloed their dog to enter her from behind like the bitch they had turned her into.

The tables were turned in the end and Miss Jenni was broken into a slave.


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