The Quadroon Ball

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I met Jean Dupree at a Quadroon Ball in 1805. My mother had arranged for my placage with him.  He was a strikingly handsome man, blonde hair and blue eyes with skin as fine as porcelain. He was a banker and worked in finance.  My mother having earned her freedom form her Master by producing a light skinned heir for him which he adored, wanted to give me the same opportunities if not better ones than she had since her Master had abandoned her after I had grew older and the novelty had worn off.  I vowed to succeed to where my mother had failed,  I would own him. His heart, his mind, body and soul.

” I am enchanted, ” he said as he kissed my hand at the ball.” Would a creature as lovely as yourself encourage me further with her name?”

” Miss Chloe is my name , ” I said, feeling the heat rush to my face.

” Je vais vous appeller ma belle Chloe, ” he said with a smile in his eyes.

Realizing that I was becoming overcome by his charms, I found my voice.

” Et je vous vous appeller mon animal de compagnie.” I replied with a smile.

Jean decided that night that I would be spoiled and pampered. He bought me a fine home in a respected neighbourbood.  Our Furniture was imported from France , only the best would for his Belle Chloe.  I wanted for nothing, we went to all the parties so I had to have the finest apparel and best in jewels.

I knew how to keep Jean happy. I did truly own him, and yes he was my pet.

Sexually we were very liberal and that is what I think  the majority of my hold is over him, that mixed with true devotion and loyalty. Sexual Slavery with Men is a whole different realm, it’s just sad that more women don’t realize the true power they have within their grasp when they use it with their men.

I trained Jean to orally service me. He became quite good at this. Licking me until my juices flowed like a fountain. I had him do this first thing every morning. He would gently kiss my womanhood in the beginning, then begin to lap at me as I pushed myself against his mouth, he would insert his tongue and allow me to ride it until I was completely satisfied.

I loved Jean and in fact adored him. He was My Pet. It still struck me deep in the pit of my stomach that he paid My Mother for me. True enough I was a Light skinned colored woman, a Creole, but I still felt as if I was sold into slavery. White women didn’t charge for arranged marriages or have to go to Quadroon Balls to meet their intended.

Knowing that Jean was devoted to me, and very sexually liberal. I came up with a way to truly feel like I owned him. While at Market I picked up a Ginger Finger or the whole tubular root that is. Ginger has quite a sting to it. While in the bedroom one night I ordered Jean to bend over for me, and I had the Ginger Root which I had peeled,  and rammed it in Jean’s virgin rosebud. He squealed, but I kept going, sliding it in and out, nad to my surprise he achieved an orgasm, and declared that I own him.

I had succeeded where My Mother had failed.  Jean did not abandon me for another woman or family. We went on to have three children together, and when Jean died I inherited everything.


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  1. i love to be a sissy slave to your highness and be a cuckold husband for any women i just love feet i don”t know what to do to make women humiliate no one now this about me


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