True Understanding-Asher Pt.2 by R.Ashtray

its hard keeping this one on one hand and the ...
its hard keeping this one on one hand and the camera on the other. 🙂 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

True understanding

My mother sat at the table and teased me for some time tapping her ashes into my mouth when after her third cigarette the phone rang. I could hear from the drawl in the voice over the overly loud speaker on mom’s phone it was Scott’s mother. She was nearly as irate as Scott had been. We were to do a yard together moving, raking, and mulching. Together it would take just part of the day but alone it would take him all day. Yes he would get all of the pay for it but he would bake in the sun, not get to go swimming, and would hate me for some time. The job had to be finished that day too for the client was having a party the following day.

I could hear the words disrespectful and insolent being used repeatedly to which my mother agreed. From behind me I heard Becky and Val come down, spot me and break out into giggles. The lighters clicked and before I was sure what was happening Val and Becky were on either side. “Look, Terri, my daughter and friend are awake now and something seems to have come up” she spoke as the tip of her shoe prodded at the length of my now truly swollen rod. It was the first any of them had touched me and I almost lost it right there and mother could see it. “Yes, they’re that kind of friends” she said taking a long drag and leaning in to exhale it just inches from my mouth. “Yes, I think it best you have your words with my son in person. Yes, noon will be fine.” She hung up and smiled. “Mrs. Atkins is most displeased as well and wishes to tell you so.”

After their cigarettes my sister and her friend took to the back yard for tanning and general high school activity I suppose. I was told to go and brush my teeth and head to the store and purchase cigarettes for mother and Mrs. Atkins who smoked another brand and the mentholated version. As I walked out the door I heard my mother make a call to someone but could not hear who. The walk to the store was a short one, as always but seemed to take forever as my mind was awash with thoughts of this morning, the night before, and the tip of mothers shoe when it touched me. It was electric and I wanted to fire everything in my pants. When I went into the store Charlotte was there, as usual, looking delicious and a little more than pleased to see me. She handed me the packs that I asked for and allowed her hand to linger just a moment as the she handed me the menthols. “I know you probably have never noticed before but those are the same brands I smoke.” I looked down and it occurred to me that the name had seemed familiar when mother mentioned it to me. I had certainly seen her light them enough over the years. She leaned in closer and whispered in her husky tone “did you buy them for me… asher?” My cock throbbed and she smiled almost wickedly. She stepped around the counter and the other person there, not Roy, stepped in behind her. “I’m taking my morning break but I’ll be a little longer than fifteen minutes.” She guided my hand and mesmerized I followed her into the back room of the store and into the managers’ office.

She strode to the seat by the desk, kicked it away and planted her large curvy ass on the edge of the desk. “Come closer asher and take your place” she said with a commanding tone I hads never heard her use but then the curve of her lips turned upwards slightly as she added “please.” I couldn’t help myself and before I knew it I was kneeling in front of her superior figure. She opened up the pack I had just bought and pouted. “Oh no… looks like you might have to buy another pack.”

I blinked. “I don’t have the money to buy more. My mom only gave me money for these.” She smiled wider and lit the cigarette taking a long drag and leaning forward blowing the smoke fully into my face.

“Well I could lend you the money but you’d have to earn it or pay me back in some fashion. Or you could just go back to your mother with this pack and how ever many I leave in it.” The idea of showing up home with a pack of cigarettes ear-marked for her guest, my principal in fact, that was not full even knowing she’d set me up to some degree was a terrifying thought having seen this whole new side to her.

“I’ll find a way to repay you” I stuttered.

“How about you prove to me what a good asher you’ve become and I will give you the money… which you will then have to repay me either in cash or we will come to some other understanding.” The was a long pause before the word understanding but she spoke the word just as she tipped the ash of the first cigarette onto my tongue. Once more a shudder passed through me and this seemed to bring large smile to her full lips. She placed the butt to her lips and pulled on it hard, snapped her inhale and spoke through bluish smoke as it poured from her lips. “There’s truly something growing in you isn’t there asher?” I cocked my head and she chuckled. “Your little dick is growing and it’s probably been doing so for years even if you never knew it at seeing me smoking.. but this is less about your clit and more about your enjoyment of what I’m doing to you.” Twice she’d humiliated me calling me little and then referring to it as a clit but both times I found myself shivering slightly at the tones she said the words in though I could not then understand what was going on. “You’ve watched me for a long time. You’ve probably watched your mother and sister too.” By the look on my face I am guessing she soon understood I never knew my sister smoked. She chuckled and tapped her ash. “Oh little boy you will learn so much soon.”

She stepped away from the desk walking around me, my head turning to see her as I was able and she would reach down to stroke my face or tussle my hair as she moved around, taking long drags. Sometimes she would turn and push her smoke into my face and sometimes she would purposely miss my face with her exhale and while I did not know why this was very disappointing to me. My brain was such a flurry of mixed emotions. This habit always bothered me but always appealed to me. The taste was not at all something I liked which I proved when she handed me a glass of water. “Don’t you like the taste of the ashes, asher?” I shook my head and she smirked. “Then why do you take them on your tongue so willingly” she asked tapping them upon my tongue again.

“I do not know. It just” I paused as I tried to think of the best way to describe it, “feels like the right thing to do.”

“Excellent answer, pet. Excellent indeed.”


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