The Rainbow Race

We are all related in one way or another.  All human beings share common DNA, dating back to the beginning of time.  Black, White,HispanicIndianMiddle Eastern, Asian, Gay, Straight, Lesbian, bisexual, Transgender. I believe you are getting the picture.

Why hate? Is it not true that when you breed hate in your heart for others, you are in fact breeding it on yourself?


To Murder someone just because you don’t agree with their morals, values, personal preferences or even their political point of view,  you must realize that you are in fact murdering a part of yourself. That part of you which is unique. That part of you that has the ability to love and be loved is becoming the victim of your own suicide. You are removing yourself from your inner voice, that part of you that lets you distinguish between right and wrong.

Love one another. Accept one another.  We all bleed the same colour in the end, the same life force coursing through every human body. We belong to a collective soul, a collective race of beings, I like to think of it as the Rainbow Race. We are as diverse as every coulour in the Rainbow, yet come together on the same spectrum each sharing the same light. 

Don’t allow yourself to be cut off  from the light and denied the prismatic beauty that life’s diversity has to offer.  Love and be loved, rather than hate and spread hatred.

The greatest of these things is love.


One thought on “The Rainbow Race

  1. When scientist finished mapping out the human dna they announced that not only were the majority of genes eactly the same in every human (just rearranged diffrently) but that the differences they were expecting to find were a much smaller percentage than anticipated.
    We also have common dna with all lifeforms on this planet.


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