Dr. Sadistic and The Zombie Slaves

Flower from which "Burundanga" (scop...
Flower from which “Burundanga” (scopolamine) is extracted (Photo credit: Jorge Lascar)

Dr. Sadistic came to me with a proposition after he had been to Columbia for a symposium on Surgical anesthesia . He was confident that he had found the perfect way to create a mindless slave, through medicine. Short of a lobotomy, where part of the brain is actually extracted to create this effect, he had piqued my curiosity.

“This is called Scopolamine, it is a very powerful sedative. It renders the subject completely compliant. They seem to lose cognitive functioning, similar to that of an Alzheimer’s patient, minus the combative nature. They will do and say whatever they are told to do and are easily taken under control by the individual who has dosed them. For all intents and purposes they become Zombies. Just think of it Mistress, You could have an Army of Zombies at your beck and call.” he said, while holding a vial of medication.

” Does it come in any other forms, Darling?” I asked, wondering how long a tiny vial would last, but knowing he was well supplied also.

” Yes, and you are going to love this, Mistress. It comes in patches for transdermal steady supply , but it also comes in a crystalline powder form called Fairy Dust. Isn’t that a perfect name for you. Just blow some Fairy Dust on your sissies and Poof, you have Zombie Fairies to do your bidding. This is just such a deliciously wicked drug, I had to bring it to your attention, Mistress, ” he said with an evil smirk.

“Doctor I do have a few new ones we can try it out on. Let’s go to the Sorority Pledge Room. Alex, John, David and Trevor are there now. We will try it out on them first.”

We walked up the spiral staircase to second floor and entered the Pledge Room. It was a massive room with a cathedral ceiling. I had decorated it in pink and purple, befitting a Sorority. There were two sets of bunk beds, and an overstuffed leather sofa. A bathroom was adjacent to the room, stocked with enemas and douches and of course Jasmine body wash and shampoo as it was my favourite scent.

“Good Afternoon, Pledges. This is Dr. Sadistic. We have an initiation for you, ” I said greeting them before backing out of the room.

Dr. Sadistic took some of the powder in his gloved hands and told them to come forward.  He blew it into the faces of the pledges. Poof! Instant Zombies!

They were completely under my control without any resistance for the rest of the day. I must admit their drooling and endless sweating did concern me, and I do prefer interaction and a bit of spirit from my slaves. None the less I did have them perform all the tasks that needed to be done that day.

Alex stripped and waxed the floors, and there were many to be done in a twenty six room mansion comprised mainly of hardwood floors.

John did the grounds keeping work. Mowing the lawn, and weeding, edging. He even planted a lovely garden.

David tended to every bathroom in the house. sanitizing and cleaning up the messes that others had left behind. Such a good Sissy.

Trevor cleaned up the kitchen. He had the job of scrubbing the stove, cleaning out the refrigerator, and garbage disposal. He also scrubbed the kitchen floor on his hands and knees with a toothbrush. Such a good Boi.

They followed every order I gave them while under the influence of Fairy Dust. Truly wicked as it was, I am an old fashioned Mistress and enjoy knowing that my slaves follow orders because they adore me, not because they are mindless freaks.



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