The Dirty Rocker From Detroit City

Detroit skyline
Detroit skyline (Photo credit: Bernt Rostad)

I was in Detroit for a convention celebrating all things Naughty when I ran into my Dirty Rocker. He was in his mid forties, and in stunning shape for his age. His exuberance and lust for life drew me to him immediately.

He was a vocalist and a songwriterfor a moderately successfulalternative rock band in the surrounding Detroit area, and was quite talented, although he introduced himself as Steve I could quite plainly see that he would be my Stevie. My Stevie was svelte and had a pretty face with luscious lips, gorgeous hair, and a rather shapely sweet bottom.  He would suit my needs perfectly during my stay in the Motor City.

” Would you like to accompany me to the after party? ” Stevie asked sheepishly, grasping my hand.

“I would be more than honoured, darling, as I am new to his area and haven’t a clue as to the crowd I will encounter in Detroit, I said as I accepted his invitation, both of us knowing it would lead to much more.

Stevie played an explosive set, all the while his eyes gazed on me. Dancing and jumping about the stage, he had the energy of a man half his age. A few of his songs were a bit risque, but this was a naughty convention, and he and his band were well received by the crowd. I could tell that he was seasoned, and my drifted to other thoughts as I watched him grasp the microphone and bend to the stand, soon he would be bending to me.

“Ready to go, Darling?” I asked him, meeting up with him backstage.

“Yes, we can go back to my apartment, I have a nice bottle of Sangria in the fridge.”

On the drive over to his place, i moved in close to him.

” Show me your panties,” I said unzipping his leather trousers.

I could feel the heat coming off his body, as waves of passion overcame him.

” My favourite colour slut, Black Lace.”

” You are My Goddess, ” he moaned.

After locking the door to his apartment behind us, I ordered him to strip and get on his knees. He obediently did as he was told. I walked into the kitchen and found awooden spoon and brought it back into the living room with me.

” Bend over, you slut!” I commanded.

” Yes, Mistress,” he answered and did as he was told.

I spanked him fervently with the wooden spoon until he cried like a woman in mourning. He never once asked me to stop. I adore a slave who can take what I dish out.

I sat back on his sofa and spread my legs wide, and ordered him to crawl to me.

” Lick me until I tell you to stop!”

Stevie started out soft and slow, lapping from top to bottom,swirling circles around my engorged clit, teasing it. Placing his tongue inside me french kissing my dripping puss, catching all the juices as they flowed. His toungue worked it’s way up. once again finding my engorged clitoris, now so swollen, it was the size of a small penis, he sucked it, flicked it with his tongue, hummed on it, driving me into a frenzied orgasm.

He now knelt before me as I smoked a cigarette. His face glazed with my juices.

” Bend to me, You Dirty Virgin!” I shouted.

He bent over and bared his ass to me. I took the wooden spoon that I had used earlier and inserted the handle in his ass, taking it, making him mine. Swiftly, roughly, showing no kindness I made Stevie My Bitch.

After I was done he turned to me and sighed, ” Goddess, you own me!”


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