Kidnapped by Himself


Jules was a captivating man. Very talented and creative. He also lived with a great deal of pressure and stress from his position as an Industry Executive. I had been his Mistress for a few years and he would always speak of his fantasies to me during our sessions. One in particular kept coming up on a recurring basis. Jules wanted to be kidnapped and and have to succumb to all manner of sweet tortuous delights to be administered by my hand.

” I would pay you handsomely for keeping me , Mistress. My flesh would be yours to do with as you wish on a 24/7 basis. Surely one as wicked as you could pull off a kidnapping, or in the very least , allow me to disappear with you into oblivion on a Slave’s Retreat for awhile. Here, with you, the world a million miles away. No work, no family. Complete nothingness. A Slave’s Paradise.” This was the speech Jules gave to me as he lit my cigarette.

Jules was a good submissive, and I adored him. I don’t often feel sorry for my Bitches, but poor Jules was frazzled and in desperate need of a vacation. Giving him Sanctuary from the outside world by means of a Slave’s Retreat seemed like a viable option at the time, so  I helped him find a way to disappear.

“Listen carefully to me, Jules. No one knows about me, right? You have followed my directions and used disposable cell phones, hushmail, and haven’t told anyone of your association with me?” I asked sternly.

“Of course, Mistress. I made sure to follow your directions to the letter, my reputation and family depended on it.” He answered.

” Damn straight they did. We couldn’t very well allow the world to know that the Head Honcho of Film Studio Loves being Fucked in the Ass and beaten by his Mistress!” I reminded him.

“You’re right, there, Mistress, ” he chuckled.

“Here’s what we are going to do. Find a reason to leave your dullard Vanilla wife, shouldn’t be too hard. Then one night while you are staying at your buddy’s house, go out around ten or eleven p.m. for a pack of smokes or something, and don’t go back, come straight here to me. Make sure you are not followed, leave your cell phone at your buddy’s and turn off your GPS or any other way they can track you. Sound simple enough for you , Jules?” I asked, after explaining the plan to him.

” Blissfully simple, Mistress.” He replied.



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