Mr. Backdoor Man

Morrison's mugshot in New Haven
Morrison’s mugshot in New Haven (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I needed to get over my writer’s block.  I needed a Muse. Along came Mr. Backdoor Man. He really got my juices flowing again , I must say.  He rapped on my door about  three  this afternoon.  He brought me roses and a fresh cup of my favourite coffee. So attentive he is. Always seems to know exactly what I need and when I need it.

He led me by the hand into my bedroom, took off my shoes and rubbed my sore aching feet. Oh what a treat after the past few days of beating myself up. He moved up my leg, trailing it with soft kisses. He eventually made his way up onto the bed with me, laying me back upon the pillows he undressed me tenderly. He covered me in kisses, whispering  in my ear that I was his Goddess.  His tongue trailed down my breasts, encircling each nipple on the way down. Enticing , intoxicating, his fingers found my moist womanhood and began to rub it gently in a circular motion. My juices were flowing freely now,  looked up at me hungrily, a lover’s piercing stare. My breath was taken away.

I grabbed him by his hair and pulled him up to me. This wondrous creature, my muse, Mr. Backdoor Man was here for my amusement. My pleasure. This was the way he wanted it. The only way it could be. He was mine. He belonged to me. I commanded him to mount me. He did so with great pleasure. Long hard strides, giving me what i not only desired, but what I needed. This was his job, to please me.



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