At Last by Citizen X

Mistress and I had “courted” for quite some time, but from our first, tentative chats, it had been evident that we were ideally suited for one another:  She was cruel; she possessed a wicked and imaginative intellect; she was erotic and sexual in the extreme; she was…exquisite. 
After some time, our relationship, grew to include phone conversation, and we learned more about one another.  For her, she heard my humiliated confession that I developed my taste for submission, by way of my sexy bitch of a sister who kept me twisted in knots through my teen years.  For me, I discovered that she was intensely loving, beyond her merciless cruelty.  These two truths led, inevitably, to our decisions to leave our former, lifeless spouses, and join one another in a marriage of boundless love and total enslavement. 
My new Wife and Mistress trained me slowly yet resentlessly to crave pain; to associate all pleasure with suffering; to be her perfect piece of property.  She taught me that it gave her enormous pleasure to put  me in chastity and cuck me in the most humiliating ways – with both men and women.  She also revelled in punishing me before her Domme friends and often allowed them to use me for their nasty pleasures. 
And yet, after the suffering, humiliation and abject debasement, Mistress would allow me to crawl to her and suckle her nipples while she soothed and petted me, cooing sweet tales of her unbounded love for me.  She had also decided that she would lactate again, and her breasts were always swollen with milk.  As a sign of our mutual love and adoration, only I was allowed to feed from her.  In my turn, she had my cock pierced and “Rosie’s Slave” tattooed just above my pubic bone. 
But these are stories for another time. 
As I mentioned, I had confessed my sins regarding my sister, and now that we were married, Mistress decided that we should pay a visit to my gorgeous bitch of a sister, Shannon, and meet her and her her ineffectual, boring, small-cocked husband, Tom.
Mistress, it seems had decided that she wanted to know more about this nacent Domme who still took pleasure in teasing me viciously. She felt that as my new wife and owner, she should get to know this formative woman more.
Shannon is, to put it mildly, a Goddess.  At 5’11” she is tall, but as she inevitably wears heels, she usually towers over lesser mortals.  With natural platinum hair, she looks the role of Teutonic Warrior, especially with her tiny waste, honed by years of hard exercise, round voluptuous ass and jutting tits, which had only begun to take on a voluptuous sag in the past few years.  I was curious to see how the two of them would react to one another, especially as Shannon has always known that she had total power over me, even if she chose to exercise it quietly and when no one else was around.
To my surprise, their greeting of one another was more than cordial.  They took to one another with a natural affection that made it seem as if they’d long known one another.  Still I trembled at the ugly scene which I expected when Mistress told Shannon that she knew about her and that only she would control her slave.  The day went on with little surprise – at least to me – Shannon was a gracious host, and Tom, and obedient gelding of a husband, waiting on us hand and foot, and only meekly joining in the conversation.  The highlight of day, for me at least, was when the girls suggested that we go swimming.  I was already wearing a pair of swim shorts so I dove right in.  As for Shannon, she went upstairs with Tom and returned alone, wearing only a wife-beater that just covered her breasts and a chocolate brown string bottom which was so small and losely tied that I could see her glorious platinum bush peaking out the top. I noticed that she had
also graced her magnificent belly with a dangling jewel in her belly button.  She strode into the pool and the water made her top transparent.  To my shame and humiliation, my cock began to stiffen beyond my power to control.  Just then Mistress appeared, completely, gloriously, shamelessly nude and joined us in the pool.  Neither she, nor Shannon, appeared in the least bit embarassed, but as for me, with my swollen cock, I was too petrified to move.
Mistress, or Mommy, as I sometimes call her, has large breasts, to put it mildly, and i could see that as I hadn’t fed from her in some hours, the nipples were swollen and dripping milk.  Shannon also noticed this and pretending to admirer the gold hoops my wife kept in her nipples, handled Mistress’s breasts in admiration of the jewels.  Seeing them touch one another was more than I could take and my cock grew to freakish dimensions, at which time, Mommy noticed the ridiculous tent in the front of my pants, despite my pathetic efforts to keep it covered.
“Shannon” she said, “what happened to your lovely husband, Tom?” 
“Tom?  why he’s in his cage having his afternoon nap, Darling.  I thought I should get to know you by myself today.”
“Well, as you can see from my ridiculous husband’s lack of self control, he too should be in a cage.”
As she said this, she walked over to me and slapped me full across the face, stinging me and making my cheek feel as if it was on fire. 
This was it, I was sure.  Only Shannon felt that she had the right to physically punish me, and I had failed to mention to her that there might be another woman in my life.  I presumed that Shannon thought that Mistress was exactly like my first wife – sexy, yet totally vanilla.  Of course, Shannon hadn’t truly dominated me since we were teens, but she still liked to keep me firmly at heel.  Regardless, I expected the worst.
Instead, Shannon, laughed out loud and said, “You know, you told me that you had taught him to crave pain, but I didn’t belive it until just now.  Look at how hard his cock is – what a whore.”
With that, she came up beside my Wife and they embraced and began to suck on antother’s tougues.    They were like to horny teens, touching and kissing and rubbing against one another.  I was transfixed, but didn’t dare move lest I break the spell.  And then Shannon said, “Come, let’s go to the dungeon”.
Mistress emerged dripping and gloriously naked from the pool and my eyes followed her voluptuous ass as a slave’s eyes should, she bent over, stiff legged showing Shannon and i the smoothly shaved lips of her pussy as she pulled my leash out of it’s pocket in her purse.  Shannon, fascinated, emerged next, and admired the golden chain that passed for my cock leash, before Mistress said, “Come here, Darling, you need to be punished for acting such the whore.”
I came out and stood on the deck, my cock still lewdly at attention.   “Step out of those trunks so that Shannon can see your decorations.”  Obediently, I did as told, my long, fat cock pulsing with blood, making the gold ring which pierced my cock head jump with each beat of my heart.   Shannon laughed and looked admiringly, having to move slightly to the side to read the tattoo, as my cock, when errect, sticks straight up.   “Two piercings?  What is the second one for, there in his scrotum if not for a leash?”   “Ah, yes, sometimes rather than a chastity device, when I’m taking pleasure with one of my studs, I like to attach his cock head to his balls with a little lock.  It looks so handsome trying to get hard like that, and it’s quite painful.”  Shannon nodded appreciatively.  Apparently, these two sorceresses had long been exchanging notes on me, but had failed to discuss my chastity devices in detail.
Mistress clipped the leash to my cock head and turning to follow Shannon, she led me to the dungeon.  To say I was surprised would be correct.   Indeed, while Tom was a complete nebbish, I thought that Shannon was little more to him than a bitch wife.    I though that, like me, Shannon had gone fairly vanilla other than the evident pleasure she took in teasing and taunting and abusing me – I took that to be a mere vestage of our kinky past.   But…a dungeon?
It was a large and airy space, the basement, with rock walls from the original foundation and polished ash floors.   It was, I should also say, lavishly appointed, the walls decorated with various whips, floogers, paddles, chastity devices, strap ons….a cornicopuia of delicious misery to compliment the more heavy weight devices spread around the room.
“First of all we need to rid him of that ridiculous boner, Lisa…he’s more eager than King our Dog”.
“Yes, of course…Darling, come here and hold your arms up.”  
Standing below one of the antique rafter beams, I noticed the suspension capability and after cuffing my hands, they each pulled on a rope and i was stretched, arms over head, until i was standing on the balls of my feet.
Stretched as I was, Shannon circled me, feeling my muscle and skin appreciately. As she was stroking my chest and abdomen, I couldn’t see Mommy, but then she appeared again, her hair in a high pony tail, wearing black thigh boots and black leather gloves, but otherwise nude.  She stated whispering to me as Shannon went behind me. 
Mommy approached me closly and leaning to whisper hotly onto my neck she spoke:  “Darling, I know you’re going to be a good boy and suffer quietly for me.  I want Shannon to see how well I’ve trained you.  If you are a good boy, you will be rewarded.  If not, I shall put you into chastity for a year and beat you till you bleed every night for that year, without release.  Is that clear, my Love?”
Shannon appeared now, holding a long cane in her hand, flexing it experimentally.   She was also nude, and as always, i admired her large, thick nipples and glowing golden bush.   She was, of course, wearing high heels and had a choker around her neck.   She was breath-taking.
“Now Brother, that cock is offensive to me and it has to go down.  I’ll count to 10 and then I’ll have to help you.  She began to count and as she did, Mommy, pulled on my nipples which is maddening to me, and I knew that I could never make my cock deflate.
As Shannon counted, she circled behind me and as she got to 1 she said, “Mistress Lisa, is he soft?”   Mommy laughingly said “ he’s not” and at that moment, i felt the biting hot sting of my sister’s can in my ass.   Sweat broke out on my forehead as she fell into a rhythmic whipping of my back ass and thighs.  As she did this, Mommy, watched my eyes ensuring silent submission to the agonizing cane strokes.   I rode the pain and looked at the love in Mommy’s eyes, wanting so badly to please her and slowly..slowly…my cock went down.
Mommy intoned “Shannon, you may stop now, come and see”.   She circled around me again, her breasts glowing with perspiration and she watched as Mommy, attached my cock to my balls.  
“You have trained him so well, Mistress Lisa,” and at this they began to kiss again, trailing over to a gurney located just behind them.  Mommy’s ass came to rest partially upon that gurney and she jacked one leg up so that her heel was caught on the rail.  As she did this, Shannon got on her knees and began to lick her gorgeous cunt.     My view of my sister’s big, perfct ass, cheeks spread to show her tight pink anus made my cock strain painfully against it’s bonds.   Shannon stood, looked at me and picked up a strap on which she put on tightly, the leather cutting into her lush hips.
Mommy, grabbed the fat pole and guided into her cunt as Shannon fucked her standing there before her, making my Wife cum again and again.
At last, they were finished and then approached me to contemplate my future.   “Shannon, would you like to fuck my slave?”    As she said this they let me down and I collapsed.  They helped me up and took me to a horse where I was bent over.  Mommy, stood in front of me and cooed, “you’ve been such a good boy, you may suckle Mommy now” and as I did, feeling the hot, delicious, sweet milk fill my mouth, I felt my Sister push her greased, cock into my asshole and begin to bang me brutally.  I could hear her cum as she bottomed out and the hilt of the cock rubbed her clit.
finally, exhausted both from cumming repeatedly, i was released and allowed to lay on my back on a large mattress, my cock once again lewdly on display.   Mommy, whispered to Shannon, “Shannon, do you want to taste his cock after all of these years?”   I could see Shannon nod mutely and Mistress came over and knelt over my face allowing me to lick her from clit to asshole, her wetness flowing over my face and my tongue flickerd on her.
As i did this, i felt my beautiful sister position her steaming cunt over my abused cock and allow herself to plunge down upon it with one stroke, making her scream in pain and pleasure.    It didn’t take long….I could tell she was cumming again, and her hips wetly bucking on me were more than i could stand, and I begged Mommy for permission to cum, which she generously granted.   I shot an enormous load of steaming jizz into my sister’s tight cunt and she lay back while Mommy hungrily ate it out of her as I licked Mommy’s ass from behind like the slutty dog, I am.

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