Dr. Sadistic & The Zombie Apocalypse

Social Security Poster: old man
Social Security Poster: old man (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr. Sadistic was summoned by the Filthy Whore on Capitol Hill to help during the Zombie Apocalypse. The War on Zombies had to be won, and it must be done as covertly as possible.

Dr. Sadistic had introduced a drug to the government that would actually make humans crave human flesh, but how to dispense it to the population was the question at hand. The first test subjects would be the undesirables, drug addicts and teenagers looking for a cheap thrill. They introduced the drug in an over the counter thrill seeking digestible flavoured fizz tablet cleverly labeled as a bath spa.  They had their informants spread the word that this bath spa was actually nothing more than a legal unregulated way to get high, and the news spread like wildfire in the stoner community. Bath Spa tablets sold by the grosses, and all the government and Dr. Sadistic had to do was sit back and watch as their plan unfolded.

Reports of people high on the Bath Spa tablets attacking people and feasting on their flesh started to trickle in. Success had been established. Their drug was working. It was now time to regulate it, or pull it off the shelves and feed it to the masses, as was the plan all along.

The drug was introduced to the water supply, and the citizen’s of the US were all being fed doses of the Bath Spa drug a little at a time, allowing it to build up in their bodies.

Meanwhile back on Capitol Hill they were busy putting an end to Food Stamp program, much to the protests of some who feared the nation’s poor would die in starvation.

Unused meat packing factories were set up in key locations around the nation, to service the Nation’s poor. In conjunction with Dr. Sadistic and The Filthy Whore on the Hill, they devised a plan to make commodities to be distributed amongst the poor. A pseudo-meat by-product to be distributed weekly.

The US had long ago ran out of cemetery space, and the Rest Homes were becoming far to expensive a burden for the government to operate, and they needed to bring down the Social Security debt. Together with Dr. Sadistic they developed a plan to to eliminate the Social Security debt, Food Stamp Debt, and Medicare.

The residents of the Rest home were ushered into the Meat Packing Facilities for tours, and left by way of cylinder tubes, much like roll of Bologna.  The poor having already acquired a taste for human flesh by way of tainted water, were given a tube a week with a loaf of bread.

A sign hung over the factory that read ” Waste Not. Want Not”.


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