Lavender and Sweat by R. BitchBoi

English: Pink Puppy Designs, http://www.PinkPu...
English: Pink Puppy Designs, Category:Dog equipment (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have no idea where I am, but the air is thick and hot. I am pressing as much of my naked body as possible against the cool, bare concrete. My hands and feet are bound and a dark blindfold smelling vaguely of lavender and sweat covers my eyes. There is a persistent dripping of water that echoes around what must be a cavernous room; it is the only sound. I shift my weight and flop over, cooling the other side of my body. As I move my buttplug shifts inside and rubs against my swollen prostate, my stiff and tied up cock twitches in response. I moan short and softly.

Shhhhh, I hear. And I am suddenly aware of the presence of my Mistress towering over me. I can feel the heat off of her body and am suddenly aware of the scent of her perfume in the air. She takes a step closer, heel to toe, and the sound of her boots hitting concrete reverberates around the room. She kicks me on to my back, and I shift awkwardly trying to keep myself from crushing my hands. My legs are splayed out, crossed at the ankles. I am completely naked before her. Another step, and I can feel her towering above me. She grabs the back of my head and with one word, “Slut,” she says, and pulls my face in between her legs. I nurse on her lips delicately.

She pulls me in tighter and I suck harder. Her hips grind as she begins to rhythmically force my face towards her. My cock stiffens at the smell of her sex. She grunts and shivers and without an audible word cums, flooding my mouth with her cum as I lap furiously at her clit. Still panting, she throws me to the ground and taps on my sensitive balls with her foot. She chuckles softly and begins to grind my privates against the concrete. I know better than to cry out. I know better than to speak. My body is completely hers no matter what. My words are of no consequence.

She lets up her foot and takes me away by the hair. All but dragging me across the floor to what feels like the middle of the room.

“Up,” she says, and as I stand she secures a leash around my genitals. She pulls me forward and drags me along, until finally stopping in front of what feels like a sawhorse as she rests me stomach down on the wooden structure. My feet are secured at the front two legs, my feet to the back, with my legs splayed, ass in the air.

I Intuit what is coming and brace myself. Sure enough, without any verbal warning a leather crop whips at the exposed underside of my cock, then my balls, and the inside of my thighs. She tugs the leash back towards her so to pull back my reddening cock. Precum makes the crop sting harder as she brings it down one last time.

Dropping the crop, she pulls herself closer to me by the leash. Her nails scrape against me as her fingers curl around the base of the plug, which she plucks out forcefully with a satisfying pop.

“Suck,” she commands. And I part my lips as the plug enters my mouth. She lets it go and I understand it is to remain there. Her fingers stroke the back of my neck as she enters me with her strapon, gently at first, but with ever increasing force as she derives more and more pleasure in grinding against its base. She grabs a handful of my hair and pulls back hard. My restraints rattle.

“You’re nothing but a filthy whore,” she laughs. Now for the first time, my words are welcome.

Yes Mistress,” I respond.

She thrusts with intensity as the length of her cock penetrates me. I feel completely taken and violated.

Pushed in to the hilt, she leans over my back, her breath right on the back of my ear. She says, “It gets better. It really does.”

And with the break of her words, someone other than my Mistress removes the plug from my mouth. I shake my head briefly in frustration, but it’s no use. A cock forcibly enters my mouth, to the sound of my Mistresses delicate assurances.

“Look at how much he likes it,” she says to the unknown man. “I caught him wearing my panties the other day, this is what he deserves.”

The man fucks my mouth as Mistress rapes my hole and the only thing that I can think of is the warm glow that somewhere deep down I’ve pleased her. I can feel her cum as she scratches down my back just as the man’s moans growing louder. Mistress pulls out my cock by the leash and begins to gruffly milk the shaft of my cock in long, slow strokes. The man thrusts faster and faster as my Mistress steadily jerks me. Two fingers from her other hand enter my hole and push against my prostate. The man grunts and begins to ejaculate into my mouth.

“Cum,” she commands, and instantly my body shivers, my soul hits my feet and I spray strings of cum into the waiting palm of her hand.

Good boy,” she says, stroking my hair as she forces her palm to my face.

“Now lap it up.” And I suck up my cum with the ejaculate of the man still in the back of my throat.

“Now try and think of me,” she offers, delicately petting my head. I swallow. A pair of unfamiliar hands grab at my hips and she pulls off my blindfold to stair me straight in the eyes as another unknown person enters me from behind.


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