In Your Wicked Web

electrifying night
electrifying night (Photo credit: jmtimages)

Ignite My soul from a flicker to a flame

With a tender touch from your finger

Send shivers through out my body

Electrify my being with whispers

In a moonlit room perfumed with musk

Thrust yourself upon my wanton flesh

Rock me until you reach my inner core

My body spasms with rapturous delight

As you take your pleasures from my soul

You have ensnared me in your wicked web

I am hopelessly devoted to you and only you



3 thoughts on “In Your Wicked Web

    1. I merely wanted to link yours to mine as an example of something suitable to mine to read, it was meant as a compliment, not that you should moderate your verse in any way..I meant no offense…Only Compliments to your writing and suggestions to my readers to read yours as well…xx


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