Made In China

English: Imperialism in China around 1900 -- N...
English: Imperialism in China around 1900 — Newer version of THE SITUATION IN THE FAR EAST, with the bear representing Russia intruding from the north, the lion representing the United Kingdom in south China, the Gallic frog representing France in southeast Asia, and the American eagle representing the United States approaching from the Phillipines. On the eagle is written “Blood is thicker than water”, a reference to U.S. Navy Commodore Josiah Tattnall’s saying in 1859. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The best of the best

We send out to compete

With the all the rest

In The Grand Tournament

A centuries old tradition

Where your athletes

Are a representation

Of the Pride in your Country

The Eagle is crying

Because of all the lying

There will be no American Pride

There will be great shame

When they go to the game

America is Made In China






One thought on “Made In China

  1. Lisa – AWESOME POEM! on the one hand – i’m happy to have inspired outrage, indignation – and this lovely poem – on the other hand – i wish there were no reason to! Looks like the uniforms stay – can anyone explain to me why this would be?????


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