Eaten Alive

Life Jacket (PSF)
Life Jacket (PSF) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When you are a woman of a certain age

And you learn that you stand to lose everything

It works on your mind in ways you never dreamed possible

The insanity of it all just takes over and inhabits your soul

Leaving you drowning in a salty sea of tears with no life jacket

Looking off into the distance you see your mind floating away

Dark clouds loom above you as you struggle to stay afloat

You are way past overwhelmed as the sharks begin to circle

Survival instincts in America are a must dear friends

There are too many hoops too jump through for help

And you can only get it if you meet their strict standards

The sharks are getting closer now, as my brain drifts farther

Losing everything is hard, many Americans have been eaten alive


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