Balancing The Scales


feather (Photo credit: n0rthw1nd)


On My Journey through the Valley


I crossed a lake of burning fire


Surrounded by the screams of lost souls


I paid the ferryman for safe passage


To get me to the other side of the inferno


The sky became darker as we tarried along


The night black as the charred remains left behind


Briefly the Moon popped out as we docked into the harbor


The ferryman bid me adieu and said he could go no farther


I walked up to set of scales where a feather lay on one end


Weigh your burdens on the scale in proportion to the feather


I heard an ominous booming voice call out to me from above


How do I do that I asked for I knew not what he meant


The burdens are in your heart, the good and the bad you did in life


My heart was ripped from my chest and placed on the scale


The sum of my life must balance against the wisp of a feather


You died with sorrow and pain in your heart, you owe a debt to yourself


You may not pass at this time until you balance the scales





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