Mistress of The Supernatural World

Wail Of The Banshee

Steeped deep in Irish Folklore and Mythology, a Banshee is seen as a harbinger of death. her lamented cries signify that death is near. Legend has it that a banshee is a fairy woman who begins to wail incessantly if someone is about to die. They are believed to be spirits of nature, the ancestors of pre-Gaelic deities.

A banshee may take the shape of whatever she desires, appearing in whatever form is of her liking on that particular day. Most often she will appear as an old, frightening witch of a hag, but, beware she can appear as a stunning blonde  seductress if she sees fit.  It has been noted however that she has appeared to most as Morrigan, The Irish Battle Goddess.

There are those too, who have seen the banshee present herself as a mythical mermaid creature. with long, pale hair. She combs it with a shiny silver comb, and occasionally leaves it behind for an unsuspecting man to pick up and return to her. The moment he picks up the comb he is ensnared in her trap, and doomed to lose his mortal soul to the banshee.

A true banshee is a clairvoyant woman who can see the death of a family member before it happens, even if the family member is miles away. It is she who will shriek and cry and herald in the bad news. Banshees were once in great demand,  as they could forsee the deaths of Kings, and Queens, and Noblemen.

Beware the cry of the banshee,


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