Afternoon Delight

Kevin had been texting me all morning from work. He knew every button to push with me when he wanted my Sadistic Streak to come out and dole out punishment upon him. After the last text where he spoke of my juicy pregnant daughter, I demanded a phone call.

” Mommy?” He asked when I picked up the phone.

“You know damn well it’s me, you insubordiant piece of flesh, ” I snapped back.

” Are we going to do lunch? I have the afternoon off.” He asked.

” Yes, My Darling. Be here by One, ” I answered.

Kevin showed up at my place around twelve-thirty, he was very eager. I immediately grabbed him by the hair and pushed him to the floor.

” You’ve been a Naughty Boi,  haven’t you, Darling?” I asked.

” Yes, Mommy. My Flesh is yours to do with as you will, ” he answered, gazing up at me adoringly.

Upon having Kevin strip naked, I put him in suspension. Taking my whip I cracked it across his back, his moans made me drip. I whipped him until blood ran from his back. I walked around and looked at the tears of pain and adoration in his eyes. His bulging phallus made me even wetter.

“Mommy, I adore you, ” he whispered to me as let him down from the suspension rigging.

“Bend over, Darling Bitch, ” I said to him while donning my strap on.

“Yes, Mommy, ” he answered.

I teased his rosebud, tickling it with the tip of my strap on. It drove him wild. I pushed the tip in, then grabbed his hips and rammed it in the rest of the way, he howled. I began thrusting, fucking him like a rag doll, pulling his hair by the roots, reaching around and twisting his balls which were full of cum. He was ready to explode at any moment. Sensing this I pulled out. I threw him down on the bed, and smothered him, making him lick me until my juices squirted like a fountain into his mouth. He lapped up every drop.

“Fuck, Mommy, Now!” I said after I was satisfied.

Kevin wasted no time. He mounted me, and began giving me long tender strokes at first, but he could not contain the beast that also lived within him. He began pounding me, fast and hard, I pushed my wet mound up to meet his cock. My clit directly on his manhood, I was cumming like wild, and he knew it. I ran my nails down his already bloodied back, I could feel his body tense up.

” Mommy, May I cum? ” he begged.

” Yes, Darling, ” I replied.

His body shook as he exploded within in me shooting thick rich ribbons within me.

” I love you, Mommy, You own my body, heart, and soul, ” he said as he looked into my eyes.


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