Blood Lust: Turning Liza

Surveying the room she wondered was it merely a freakish fetish of blood lust that drove her lover to this insanity. The dimly lit room was strewn with bodies, apparently drained of their blood. Strangely enough the gore did not put her off, as she walked through the room, Liza did feel a tingle between her thighs as she approached Tony, who was crouched down in the corner. He was a raven haired latino man, and they had grown up together. They had been lovers off and on for years.

“Look at me , Tony, ” she pleaded with him, holding his head in her hand.

“Go away, Liza! Look at what I’ve done. The monster that I have become!” He screamed at her.

“You’re not a monster,. You’ve always been a little weird, I’ll grant you that, but you’re not a monster. Now Look up at me, Give me your hand, and tell me how this happened,” she ordered him.

Tony looked into Liza’s eyes and she was mesmerized. It was as if he was looking into her soul. She had never wanted him as much as she wanted him as much as she did at that moment, surrounded by all the gore and lifeless bodies that lay scattered throughout the abandoned house. She became wet and felt herself begin to drip, her nipples hardened, and she felt as if she were no more than a bitch in heat.

“One night when I was walking to your house, I was bit by a bat. Then a couple of days later I started craving blood. At first I just ate raw meat and it was ok, but the cravings got so bad that it hurt, I had to do something, I knew that this place was a gathering spot for homeless people, those that wouldn’t be missed, ” Tony explained.

Liza tried to listen intently to Tony, all the while thinking about how she was going to throw him down and fuck his brains out,

“It’s not your fault, but we do have to clean you up and get you out of here, Liza answered him.

“Are you as horny as I am right now?” Tony asked looking into her eyes.

“Take me, Make me yours, ” Liza answered.

Throwing her down , Tony spread her legs open and thrust himself upon her, Pounding hard and fast, she pushed her womanhood up to meet him until she squirt like a fountain, juices flowing everywhere.

“Bite My Neck, Tony, ” Liza begged.

” Just a little, My Darling,”  He answered,

Liza Felt an Orgasmic rush the likes of wish she had never felt before when Tony bit her.

” Bite Me back, now, Liza, quickly, ” Tony commanded.

Liza bit Tony on the neck, and he exploded within her. She felt a change come upon her, and knew she belonged to him.



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