Petey Boi’s Lesson

Nipple clamps 02
Nipple clamps 02 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Petey Boi had been a naughty boi and had not been following his scheduled duties at home, This was unacceptable and he needed to be taught a lesson.


” Mistress, I beg you, please punish me for my crimes, ” He implored.


“You are already a worthless impotent cuck. The worst punishment I could give you would be to discharge you, ” Mistress Rosie retorted.


“Please, anything but that! I have been your loyal servant for more than twenty years!” He exclaimed.


“I  am taking that into consideration, Petey Boi. That is why I have chosen to use in a different manner. Tonight you will have your heart ripped out and handed to you on a silver platter,” Mistress Rosie replied with fire in her eyes.


Blindfolding him, she stripped him naked. Applied Nipple Clamps to to his chest and a a Chip Clip to his testicles. She then bent him over and forced her eleven inch strap on into him. There was nothing tender about this encounter, Force was used. She rammed her way through, and pounded him like a fucking rag doll.


” Are you ready to behave?” she asked


Yes, Mistress, ” he whined.


“I’m not convinced,” she said as she dragged him  by the leash up the stairs.


“Kneel” she commanded.


“Yes, Mistress,” he answered.


She pulled off his blindfold to reveal his younger brother Richard.


“You will kneel at the foot of the bed and watch me fuck your brother, and then you will clean up the mess, understood?” She said matter of factly.


Mounting Richard, She rode him hard and fast, Pressing her clit against his hard cock, her cum flowing like a fountain as she squirted all over him, Tears welled up in Petey Boi’s eyes, to see his brother with the woman he loved, worshipped and adored. She screamed with delight as she orgasmed on his cock, then gave Richard permission to release himself in her.


Seeing his tears she asked him once more, “Have you learned your lesson?”


“Yes, Mistress,” he replied.



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