Father Andrew’s First Time

English: Office candlestick in brass, made by ...
English: Office candlestick in brass, made by Skultuna mässingsbruk, Sweden. Svenska: Kontorsljusstake i mässing från Skultuna mässingsbruk. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Having heard her confession Father Andrew became titillated by all of the obscene acts in which she had committed the previous week. She had now become his obsession, much to his dismay. She had been a parishioner for quite some time, yet this was the first time she unburdened her soul to him.


Thoughts of being bound and having a candlestick inched through his virginal rosebud swirled through his head. Father Andrew longed to taste the sweet nectar which flowed so freely from her womanhood. to suckle her stiff nipples, bringing her to a frenzied state of arousal was burning his mind both day and night.


Father Andrew was in his early thirties and had never known a woman. He was a handsome young priest with green eyes and raven hair. He took good care of himself and his body was taut. He was sure that he would meet with her approval should she take him as a lover.


She dropped her silken scarf in front of the confessional, which gave him an excuse to call upon her to return the garment. It was a black silk scarf with lace around the edges. He fantasized of her binding him with it.


He rapped softly at her door, eagerly awaiting the sound of her footsteps. She answered the door and invited him in. He noticed candles burning and the sweet smell of her perfume wafting through the air. He dropped to his knees before her and begged her to take him. He knew nothing else to do , being overcome with a wanton lust that could not be quelled.


She took her scarf from him and led him to her bedroom. His manhood was growing larger with every move she made. Ordering him to get undressed she found a silver candlestick to use on him. Bending to her, she took the candlestick and gently inserted the tip into his rosebud. inching it in until the point where she felt a good and proper ramming of the object was in order. His sqeals and cries moistened her femininity, She now longed to be pleasured.


She grabbed him by the hair and shoved his face into her wetness. He licked and lapped at her instinctively, as she grinded her way to rapturous delight. She was bringing forth juices like a sea at high tide. Grabbing the scarf she tied it around his neck, leashing him with a make shift collar, She ordered him atop her. His need was so great that he gave not a second thought when he plunged into her. Stroking her, pounding fervently, her moans making him high. He suckled her nipples, adding to her pleasure. Feeling his body begin to tremble, she knew his time was at hand and ordered him to release himself. Streams of thick white ribbon spewed into her, as he exclaimed “You are My Goddess!”



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