The Final Cut Pro

A Clockwork Orange
A Clockwork Orange (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



He was browsing profiles on an Adult S&M Site, when he came across mine. In a brief message he told me that he loved the wickedness in my eyes. I was intrigued by him from the start, his profile stated that he was searching for a Part Time / Full Time Partner to travel back and forth from Vegas to LA .  We also shared the same fetishes. I responded and invited him to text me offline.


He was in Ohio on business and in need of some companionship, something of which I found myself in need of at the time as well. Marty and I exchanged texts back and forth while getting to know each other better. He relayed to me that he was a Producer in town for a brief time while completing a project. We soon found out that we had several similar interests such as writing and editing. He provided me with a wealth of information, some of which I still find very valuable to this day. Sexually we also discovered that we were quite compatible, and couldn’t wait to play together.


One night as he was in the hotel bar, reading A Clockwork Orange and texting me, We decided that I would drive to his hotel and meet him for a session. I was more than ready to consummate our relationship. He had endeared himself to me already with his enthusiasm of a young man and the wisdom of a sage.


When I arrived at the bar, I found him still reading his book. He was the only one in the place reading as a matter of fact. I respected him for that, his love of books and the knowledge to be obtained from them. I sat down next to him and asked him if he was in the habit of reading in bars. He looked at me and flashed a smile. He knew who I was, and offered me a drink. I declined and suggested that perhaps I might have one in his room.


In his hotel room he became a beautiful supplicant. Taking my shoes off, he massaged my feet, kissing each toe and working his way up my legs, eventually reaching my womanhood planting tender kisses at first before inserting his tongue. Feverishly i latched on to his face, pressing my wet mound harder and harder against his tongue, juices springing forth like a fountain. I gave his mouth a strenuous work out before kicking him from me. On his knees he begged me to take him anally. I commanded him to get on all fours as I donned my Strap On. Gently I inserted the tip, slowly making my way into his rosebud, inching it along until I was in. His moans added to my excitement. I grasped his hips and began to thrust harder, going in as I deep as I could, creating a rhythm with the strokes I made. He begged me for release, but I kept pounding harder and harder. I noticed his toes curling, and sensed that he was ready. I gave the order, and he shot streams of rich white ribbons.


“You own me , Mistress, and I am yours,” he said to me with tears in his eyes.



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