The ASSociation

A One Hundred Dollar Confederate States of Ame...
A One Hundred Dollar Confederate States of America banknote dated December 22, 1862. Issued during the American Civil War (1861–1865). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many men were broken during the few years that The Civil War raged on in The United States. Brother fought against Brother, Many Lives were lost, not to mention spirits. The soldiers being away from their wives and families for often times the duration of the war had to find other means by which to satisfy their lustful nature, it was most definitely a do not ask , do not tell policy.

We all know that The Confederacy fell, leaving once was great and prideful South, a broken and sad subnation in great need of repair in search of something to smile about, There were those who chose to take advantage of the situation, carpetbaggers and the like, who bought Great Plantations for pennies on the Dollar, taking advantage of the grief and misery brought on by destruction and ruin.

There were also people like Miss Lil who sought to ease the grief and misfortune just a little by bringing a little joy into the lives of others if only for a short while. Miss Lil was also hit hard by the Civil War and used her assets to run an elite Association for the men who had come back from the war. She understood that they had become accustomed to a certain kind of sexual favour that their wives might consider unnatural, but she understood that long nights out on the range had driven them to desperate measures and that they had taken solace in the pleasure of one another’s company.

Miss Lil also understood that most of these men had no money, but they were willing to trade her guns in exchange for her donning her glorious strap on. She had built up quite a cache of rifles and revolvers.

A Soldier from Rhode Island passed through and decided to visit Miss Lil’s Association. He thought the idea a rather splendid one and declared that everyone should have the Right To Bear Arms, not Just Soldiers and Lobbied that a New Organization be formed, thus In a rural backwoods whorehouse the birth of the NRA was established, or so the legend goes…


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