She Cracked

These Glamour Girls
These Glamour Girls (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Bullseye, Bitch! Right between the eyes!


The Vanity Mirror cracked as she cackled wickedly.


Gazing into distortion she realized Glamour was dead.


Sitting there without her nails, make up , and hair she was a fright.


A scene for a different sort of programme perhaps, not the silver screen.


Ghosts of her past filled the room, whispering old lines in her ear.


In desperation she gazed into the fragmented looking glass


Haphazardly applying rouge, lipstick and mascara to her wrinkles


My Darling, You are indeed a vision to behold was her declaration


She had Cracked just as surely as The Mirror had Cracked


And All The Writer‘s and All The Director’s could not put her back together again



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