Dr. Sadistic’s Role In The IRS Probe

Seal of the United States Department of the Tr...
Seal of the United States Department of the Treasury (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


“It’s a perfect plan. Who would dare question the authority of the Treasury? You Domme the Public with an Iron Fist. They are literally scared to death of you. Your word will never be questioned, you have free reign to do as you as please!” Dr. Sadistic exclaimed with a twinkle in his eye.


“Systematically we will target special interest groups, political factions, to the point where there lives are so caught up in endless shit streams of paper trails, they will believe that the executive order for this bullshit came from the very top , discrediting The Chief, and putting us on top. Sheer brilliance I tell you”, agreed Country’s Chief Financial Officer.


“Make sure you audit all of the bastards, none of them are really your friends anyway, and would turn on you in a heartbeat. Invent taxes for them if you have to. Hell, who’s going to argue with you? Seriously, YOU are the BOSS! The Poor Bastards won’t know what hit them when you are through with them, and the best part is , you will come out on top. The Chief will kiss the ground you walk on, so will the rest of his cronies, after all you are taking out his enemies, You are in essence doing the dirty work for him. Everyone will believe he was behind this the whole time should you ever be held accountable. You have nothing to worry about. Trust Me, ” Declared Dr. Sadistic.


“Once again you have come up with a brilliant plan my dear friend, thanks for your advice.”



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