Netted Fish

Big Brother 2000 (UK)
Big Brother 2000 (UK) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Praise Be To Orwell


The Visions he wrote

Made Him an Immortal Literary Prophet


Warning us of Big Brother


Perhaps I should Doublethink


The next line I write


In the fear I might be committing


A virtual thoughtcrime


They are watching  us


For the Greater Good


Caught In a Memory Hole


We are Part of their vortex


Online, a fish on a line,


Reeling Us In with their lures


Baited, we have no choice


A Netted Fish has no Freedom









One thought on “Netted Fish

  1. Th World itself is an Animal Farm armed with a net:Internet.,,,NICE POEM on Big Brother, who is the so self styled “Dictator of the World”.I love this poem.


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