Jack Asses Anonymous

Looking Around I have noticed an Unfathomable amount of Jackassery, Intolerance and Injustice going on in the world today. The world it seems has become fool of Jack Asses, who are for one reason or another unable to control their need to fuck up mankind.

There is hope, if they are willing to follow a few simple suggestions.

Theses are The 12 Steps of Jack Asses Anonymous

1. We admitted that we were Jack Asses, and were making other people’s lives intolerable.

2. Came to Believe that Someone other than ourselves could restore us to Sanity.

3. Made a Decision to Turn Our Will and Life over to the Entity that was Greater than Ourselves.

4. Made a Fact Finding Inventory of Our Jackassery, Getting to the Root of it all.

5. Admitted to The Entity, Ourselves and another Person the Exact Nature of Our Jackassery.

6. Were entirely ready to have the Entity remove all of our faults.

7. Sincerely asked the Entity to remove our faults.

8. Compiled a List of those we had wronged.

9.Made Right the wrongs we had committed, even if it meant digging in our checkbooks.

10. Kept a Daily Journal of checks and balances in our lives.

11. Sought through meditation for the Entity’s will for us.

12. Having had a Spiritual Awakening as a result of these steps, Helped other Jack Asses and continued to practice these principles in my life.

Rarely have we have we seen a person fail who has given themselves to this simple program. There are those that can not give adhere to this way of life, they are constitutionally incapable of being honest with themselves, they are the Unfortunate Ones,



One thought on “Jack Asses Anonymous

  1. we are bombarded with our own celebrities advocating some cause.
    The brevity of Shariff’s statements shows the wisdom of the whole ordeal. Rushdie’s boo,
    Satanic Verses, that he deemed sacrilegious.


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