The G Point of The Night -Serkan Engin

Picture 156The G Point of the Night


Our skin has touched

at the G point of the night.
There is a red earthquake

at these lonely places of the skin.
Desire grows chatty

when your breath covers my chest –

this breathing prologue

to a rain of your movement.

I am an explorer

in your body’s secret city;

my hands travel according to spells

through your skin’s white atlas.
The wasp’s non-sting

of my tongue has settled –

as caught in addictive scents

of a small poppy field –

here, to the South of your face.

Oh! my love, subject and object of my life –

The Great Wall of China shrinks its span

to fit between one of your shoulders

and the other; I am the other.
Oh! these breasts are as The Dardanelles

no enemy fleet shall pass.
There is an absolute hegemony here

in your breast, in the night,

which casts its spells cross-eyed.

Serkan Engin

translated from Turkish to English

by Serkan Engin with James Pickersgill



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