Hot August Night-Grendel Louis

Vietnam War
Vietnam War (Photo credit: San Diego Air & Space Museum Archives)


I was part of the original Occupy Movement in Chicago. It was August, 1968. We were in Chicago, Illinois and tensions ran high in the park.




The Democratic national Convention was slated to proceed in Chicago that year, and The National Guard would not stand for a group of Free Thinking ,Long Haired Freaks who wanted to exercise their Right to Assemble, not to mention their Freedom of Speech to protest the ongoing conflict in Vietnam.




There were about 15,000 of us gathered there in Lincoln Park that Hot August Night. We wanted an End To The War. Plain and Simple. We Wanted Peace.  The Establishment saw it a different way. They put their own spin on it. We were beaten down by Police batons, barraged with tear gas, it was as if The Vietnam war here in Chicago and we were the so called enemy combatant.  Didn’t they expect us to fight back? Sure they did. They incited the riot. We didn’t have weapons, batons, tear gas, and guns. What the hell were we supposed to do. just lay down and let them beat us? We were a for Peace and wanted an end to the War, but we weren’t stupid and they knew it. The majority of us were educated, college students. They knew that we would not allow them to infringe upon our rights, nor outright kill us.




They say you can’t fight City Hall, and it’s true. The bastards bound and gagged one of my brothers to a chair, put a bunch of us on trial for inciting riots. All of this because we messed up their Party in Chicago by telling the truth. Never trust a Politician, even the very best ones are Liars, and they will always do what it takes to come out on top.





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