Devil’s Grace is Amazing in Dixieland-a Cut-Up


Amazing inside
The hard I dixieland Grace devil to wish I how inside
Every believe I take sweet single we was my the one need in stand sound of a the to
That us place land live saved the called of and a devil hell
So cotton
Old die wretch inside
here hush things in like come little they dixie
Cause me the baby
Don’t are dixieland
I world
With you not that’s once the cry
You forgotten
Look where was look know away I lost in your look was but its daddys away born
Early now eye
Future bound look lord am uncertain to away one found but die
But dixieland
Oh frosty
Was certainly all I morning
Look blind slight
Look my wish away but at trials I look now the lord was away I faces
Listen will in look see to soon dixie away
The the be away dixieland

devil bells
It’s over
Oh away



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