Burning Crosses and The Commander In Chief

A Secret Society dedicated to preserving the old ways and the good old days decided they needed to get together and make a stand. Yes they needed to make a right and proper for show for all to show that they were not a joke and that they meant business. Who did this negro think he was giving our entitlements away to everyone. First we let them have forty acres and a mule, then we let them have an education. We let them have jobs at Burger Joints serving us fries and cleaning our homes, taking care of our children. Now they want Healthcare for their damn sickly children, oh and let’s not forget those damn trailer trash hippies up north, no doubt from Canada or some shit like that who thinks all this shit is a good idea. Dumb bleeding heart liberals who don’t know how to think. They forgot what it was like to live in a nice fine home, to have a sense of entitlement. You are supposed to let the rat bastards do all the work and sweating for you, while you lay back and let your bank account build. You, after all, have children to clothe, feed and get through college. They are disposable human waste, there’s one to take their place every five minutes, ain’t none of the lazy sons of bitches wants to work anyway. The only reason HE got in the BIG HOUSE was so that the country didn’t riot and we could trick the poor man into staying poor a little while longer. yes Sir, The South is Singing her song again. He went south on us though and had to grow a go damn conscience and try to help the people, I guess we will just show him tonight.

In White Robes they rode up to the Big House where The Chief lived, and Lit a six foot cross on fire. The message to him was loud and clear.


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