Introducing THE EMPATH by A.D.Hitchin

A.D. Hitchin is a somewhat heretical purveyor of poetry and prose, known predominantly for his work utilising the cut-up method. Hitchin’s cut-up poetry was featured at the ‘Cut-Ups @ Beat Hotel’ event curated by Joe Ambrose in 2013 and discussed in the academic text ‘Shift Linguals: Cut-Up Narratives from William S. Burroughs to the Present (Postmodern Studies)’ as well as at the Textual Revolutions Conference at the University of Stirling in 2009. Numerous websites and magazines have also showcased his poetry and short fiction, including International Times, 3AM, Dogmatika, and BlazeVox. Hitchin’s debut ‘Messages to Central Control’ was published by Paraphilia books in 2011 and reprinted by Oneiros Books in 2013. He is currently working on a number of exciting projects combining images and text.

Antony Hitchin has two insightful and , yes very Erotic books freshly pressed by Dynatox Ministries, I am honoured to count Antony amongst my closest friends and am proud of his work. It is with great privilege that I showcase a snippet from his latest release THE EMPATH.


The Empath: Their isolation not relieved by proximity


drinking gin watching evening traffic the fluorescent eyes of cars bleeding over concrete their isolation not relieved by proximity

a black spider rests awaiting its prey, a sincere predator

honest in all its desire…


her pubic hair was fine burnished copper her strong musk remained tantalisingly upon my fingers for what seemed like days…

the hours spent inside her  squeezed

until I was brutally empty

with a pure clarity free of all conscience and


please just roll up your skirt and convince me


there’s still a peace within us that begs to be found



A.D. Hitchin, 2013.


Taken from THE EMPATH, now available for pre-order from Dynatox Ministries:




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