Interview With A.D.Hitchin

Recently I was able to have a chat with My very talented friend Antony Hitchin who has just released 2 Exceptional Volumes of Poetry and Prose  , THE EMPATH and PURE,  both are provocative, and erotic, and leave you wanting more.

L.D.= The Empath really does seem to take on a life of it’s own, almost as if you were channeling Raw Sexual Energy and The Emotional Discharge and Imprint that we    leave behind. It is a Sexual, Erotic, Poetic, and yes if I dare say Psychic Tour de Force, as if you have felt the pain and pleasure of others and chronicled it in your book. How deep inside yourself did you have to reach, and did you come to any new conclusions about yourself while writing this?

A.D.H.= I try to reach as deeply and honestly inside myself as I possibly can and I strive to do so without shame. I also try to allow for spontaneity and communication with parts of my selves that may ordinarily be hidden, obscured or repressed. My work is the result of my explorations in areas of concern and interest – my ‘findings’. However, these findings are rarely conclusive or definite and are subject to change and reappraisal. Ultimately, I hope to provoke rather than conclude or interpret.

L.D.Being a writer myself, I often find myself at times using Muses for my work. To me they are like Impish Cherubs that fly around in my mind that won’t give me a moment’s peace until I write about them. They come in all shapes and forms, from the whore struggling to feed her children, to the strung out junkie, and even on occasion a devilish man with lustful eyes. Did you find yourself using any Muses in either The Empath or Pure?

A.D.H.= My sexual and intimate muse is my fiancée; however, my position is somewhat fluid allowing for multiple perspectives and personalities. I strive to consider these co-equal even if they are contradictory. Robert Anton Wilson called it the ‘multi-model’ approach. It is pluralistic rather than monotheistic. Similar to Burroughs’ view of a magical universe populated with many gods eternally in conflict. The empath is a vehicle to explore that multiplicity.

L.D.=I have spent much time on THE EMPATH, a truly wonderful read , I would however like to move on to PURE , your other title from Dynatox Ministries.  It is Raw Emotion in it’s purest form, hence the title, PURE.  The premise of this volume seems to be Lust and Desire are Central to what drives the Human Emotions.  Was this the message you were trying to convey?

A.D.H.=The central proposition behind PURE is that of lust and desire being the only truly authentic emotions remaining and that this energy might be harnessed for some sort of transcendence or change in human condition. A catalyst for mutation. Similar in some respects, I guess, to Western Occult approaches such as Sex-Magick. There’s always been a great deal of sexual energy in my work and this time I wanted to direct it towards something, however indefinite. There’s no single conclusion or explicit message though. I’m interested in reader-engagement and responses. We’re bombarded by commands and messages and if anything, I want to counter, rather than add to them.

L.D.= Being writers , even when it comes to fiction, it is our bound duty to be truth seekers. Bearers of The Light , if you will.  Sometimes I do believe that most emotions , other than the instinctual driven ones, like the ones you portrayed in PURE, are a Mere Facade of Humanity…just their to keep the gears of life politely lubed and grinding along. This is a sad truth, but often times Honesty isn’t easy to swallow, but it is always respected. Honesty is what I take from PURE, as well as a Thrilling , Erotic Take on The Truth of Humanity. Do you have any remarks as to your inspirations for PURE, or what you want the readers to take from it?

A.D.H.=I seek my own truths and if these truths, or the search for them, resonates with or somehow reflects those of others, then that’s heartening. I’ve received a lot of messages over the years that seem to indicate this is the case and I’m grateful for all the responses and support. PURE is particularly raw and unvarnished and no, that is not always easy to swallow, nor easy to write, but like you, I feel there’s some value in doing so.

Thank you. It’s been a pleasure talking to you.empath adhitchin

The Empath and Pure are both available from Dynatox Ministries,



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