Interview With Erotica Author K.L. Silver

LD=  DEEP WITHIN HER  is one of series of books. Do you find Sequel writing challenging, or does it just seem to flow naturally?

 KLS= Considering this was my first novel, it was pretty  fairly As far as writing it in sequel form, I found that part come  naturally. In fact, it was almost…comforting. It meant that I didn’t have to ‘bite off’ more than i could chew at one time.

LD=  In this book you talk a great deal about the D/’s lifestyle , but were there any other points you wanted to drive across?

KLS=Absolutely! The point is that what goes on between two consenting adults is nobody’s business but their own!
While this book illuminates the beauty inherent in the D/s lifestyle, it also delves into the ugly societal stigma attached to it – and to ALL ‘alternative’ lifestyles! The psychological effects of society’s narrow-mindedness take a terrible toll on those poor souls who only want to live their lives in peace – and privacy!

LD=  I ask this most every writer, being a writer myself, i often find myself looking at people, and often times places and things differently than most. Sometimes I will zero in on something and capture it’s essence, more often than not objectifying it, and making it my muse. Do you ever find yourself doing this, and what are your inspirations?

KLS= Hmmmm…interesting question,  I tend to be inspired by things of a less tactile nature. Being a Libra, it’s only natural that injustice and ignorance top the list. I am known to write poetry when well and truly pissed, mind you – not books! lol

LD=  If you could describe your writing style in one word what would it be?

KLS=  FROMTHEHEART?  Is that one word? Ok, ok – Passionate!

LD=  Are you planning on writing more books? If so, will they be in the same genre?

KLS= Oooooooo, now you’ve gone and stepped in it! More books? YES, absolutely!
I didn’t realize it at the time, but – WRITING the book was the easy part. It’s the technical computer skills required to publish and market it that terrified me! Correction – TERRIFY me…lol
As far as them being in the same genre? Maybe, maybe not!
I write a blog, and I’m known to be what I call a ‘GENRE-JUMPER’! Politics, religion, world affairs, SEX, fitness – you name it – I’m on it and in it!
I guess commitment is NOT my
I DO plan on writing another in this genre, yes – and then – we’re off to write a psychological thriller. (with a submissive heroine, of course!)


Short Stories:
Cumming Soon….



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