Humbling a Hard Man

Kevin invited his beloved Mommy Lisa to accompany him on a business trip to Bangkok, assuming he could perhaps mix in a little pleasure betwixt his meetings.  Being the naughty boy that he was, Kevin had no idea what sort of pleasures his Mommy Lisa had planned for him,

Upon arrival in Bangkok arrangements had been made to whisk them away to their hotel, and it was a grande one. Only the finest would do for Kevin and his Mommy Lisa, besides it could be written off and charged as a business expense, so the sky was the limit as far as he was concerned.  The suite was ornate with a four poster bed, perfect for tying one’s lover to. Plush carpeting, a full bar, and a sitting room. Quaint and charming, for Bangkok standards,

Mommy Lisa was not blinded by her affection for Kevin and could see him for the plonker that he truly was. She saw him masturbating on a pair of his sister’s panties when they visited her before leaving for Bangkok, and was well aware of the fact that he packed them in his shoulder bag for future use. Kevin could be such a filthy dog at times, and it was at these times that she would plan ways to torture him.

Whilst Kevin was at the hotel bar having drinks with a client Mommy Lisa rang up her old friend Madame Soon Li and arranged to have young women sent over, preferably twins.  Madame Soon Li assured her that she had just the right girls to suit her needs.  Suki and Vee , 19 year old twins would be over within the hour.

Mommy Lisa dressed for the evening,  adorning herself in a black lace corsette, fishnet stockings and stilettoes. Making sure to leave her whip and hairbrush close by, she placed her strap on in the top drawer of the night stand.

Kevin arrived back at the hotel to find Mommy Lisa waiting for him in the bed, holding his sister’s panties in her hand. His cock turned to stone. He was exhilarated by the fact that he had been caught. This meant that he would be suffering by his beloved’s hand.  He lived for her torture. He was a true masochist in every sense of the word, just as she was a sadist. The Yin to her Yang.

Kneeling down, Kevin planted kisses on her toes. ” Mommy, I was a naughty boy. Can you ever forgive me? Please let me make it up to you, ”

As if on cue, a knock was heard at the door. ” We’ll see, Kevin, ” she answered, before going to answer the door.  In the doorway stood two petite , raven haired vixens in thigh boots. Vee and Suki. Upon entering they unfastened their cloaks revealing the black latex cat suits they were adorning underneath. Kevin’s eyes lit up like a child’s on Christmas Morn. Instinctually they each took out a rope from the nightstand and tied Kevin’s wrists to the corners of the bedposts. Their knots were impeccable.

Suki and Vee pulled Kevin to a sitting position in the bed. It was time for him to watch. Kevin had known for some time that Mommy Lisa was quite fond of Frottage with other women , and the thought of it drove him wild. Here, at the end of the bed, Suki, lay her tiny body down, exposing her pink and dripping flower of femininity for Mommy Lisa to take. Mommy Lisa mounted her softly, pressing her clitoris against Suki’s , Vee knelt beside the rubbing and suckling their nipples, as they rubbed and bumped their womanhood together. Rivers flowed from them, Vee began to rub herself, and a trinity of orgasmic delight made Kevin scream out in agony.



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