Poetry Bastard with Serkan Engin



I hunger for you in the night

Burning from our last long embrace

My veins twitch like an addict

In need of an overdue fix

You are habit I just can’t break

hopelessly addicted down to my soul




I will love you again today

This is the mission of my soul

The reason I was put on this planet

To be the loving playmate

Of this sweet little girl




Like a caged bitch I moan in despair

Crying out in the dark for relief

Words haunt me on cold nights

Silent screams fill the vacant air

I curse out your name in vain

Another night my phone lays silent




Your place is upon my head

I wear you like a crown of jewels

You have penetrated deep within my heart

You are the playmate of my childhood

You are in the Secret Garden of My Soul



You feasted on my worn heart

Until it was left black and cold

My words are skewered and dark

Still I give you everything and all

You are my muse, my poetry bastard



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