Domming The Roads

Hinder’s Lips of an Angel was playing on the radio while Michael drove down the freeway.  Driving mechanically, his mind was on his Mistress. Seems his mind was on her more often than not these days.  She was a flame haired beauty with eyes the colour of raging water. Voluptuous is a phrase often used on women like her, Michael just liked telling her that she had curves that could go all day, and she did. Buxom up top, full and ripe apple bottomed, An apple he wanted to devour.

Hello, It;s Me by Todd Rundgren came on and he knew he had to call her.

” Rosie, ” he said with a stirring in his voice.

” Yes, darling, are you driving?” she giggled.

:” I wanted to see how you were doing, ” he stammered with Love Her Madly by The Doors playing softly.

“Are You driving?” she laughed wickedly.

“On my way back from Chicago. What are you up to?” He asked nervously.

” I was having tea with Barbara Streisand and Barry Gibb, They said we have nothing to be Guilty of, ” she giggled.

Michael could hear Killer Queen by Queen playing in the background. He knew she was up to something. She was dynamite with a Laser Beam, and at this point in their relationship she could get him to do just about anything

” Don’t you wish I was there with you, Michael?” she asked.

“Damn, that would be great,” he answered.

“I could lean in and wrap my breasts around your cock as I am giving you head, ” she cooed.

“Damn I am so Hard, now, ”

” Good I want you to wank while you are driving down the road, ” She commanded,

Michael found a dark road just as Start Me Up by The Rolling Stones came on the radio. Putting the phone on speaker he could hear her moaning softly as her fingers traced her nipples and the tiny hardness of her clit.

“Stroke it hard for me. I want you to lick me, then bend me over.. Pull My hair, grab that juicy ass, and fuck me like the bitch that I am, “she ordered.

” Who’s the boss here?” he asked lightheartedly.

“I am, but You are allowed to be My daddy when I say so, now give it to me!”

The excitement of hearing her purr orgasms into the phone, and driving down the road while masturbating at the same time got the best of him, Michael was near his boiling point.

” Mistress may I cum?” he begged.

“Yes,” she replied with a sigh..

His front seat and steering wheel were a jizz soaked mess. She was pleased indeed.



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