10 Signs Your Friend is An ASSDOUCHE

Vaginal-Douche-BottlesThe warning bells are blaring in your head as you think to yourself, ” Is my friend an ASSDOUCHE or what?”

Well here are some common signs and symptoms to take into account when making that determination.

1. Injects himself into other people’s conversations, often saying things that do not pertain to the subject.

2. Is a slimy self seeking bitch ( can I make it any clearer)

3. Makes left handed or racist comments that you have to apologize for

4. Does not know when to keep his mouth shut

5. Instigates fights

6. After instigating a fight, walks away from it, Usually laughing

7. Is a Self Righteous Prick

8. Tries to make up your mind for you

9. Never brings anything to the party, but will be the first one to bitch when you run out of something

10. In general is a HUGE Pain In The ASS


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