Goddess Lisa and DINOSUX

Goddess Lisa gathered her followers at dusk to convene a special service. Her usual calm demeanor was now possessed with that of a half crazed swamp gator on the prowl for his next feed.

One by one her flock came up to the altar to light a candle in her honour and drink from her Golden Chalice,  sweet nectar from the Goddess, supplied freely just for them until the cup nearly flowed over.  Harry, Kevin, Jack, Alex, John, Ian, Sean, and Dimitri all drank from the cup before kneeling before their Goddess , of whom they worshipped and adored, and recited their prayer:

Most High Goddess Lisa,

Take My Pathetic existence and suit my life according to your will.

I am Devoted to you, and Live only to Serve you.

Watch over my helpless soul, and protect me from Harm.

Give my life direction and Meaning, as I have none without you.

My Heart, Body and Mind are yours, Dear Goddess.

In Your Name I Pray,

Her piercing blue eyes aflame with white fire, she summoned them to gather in a circle.  Releasing her hood, her auburn tresses flowed down upon her shoulders; The men were diligent in their concentration of her words yet to come.

“I hold in my hand a book, and I use that term most lightly. A book from a CHARLATAN! He proclaims himself to be the leader of DiNOSUX MINISTRIES. He has apparently tried to write his own version of holy verse, and steal sheep from this temple. He has besmirched The Name of Goddess Charlotte and her Monastery. This will not be tolerated. I will send Brother Alex to assist Goddess Charlotte in the clean up of her Monastery and you will assist Sister MeeMee in cleaning up the vandalization of her temple.”

Goddess Lisa unbuttoned the top three buttons of her robe and allowed it to fall to the floor, revealing her ample bosom and curvaceous bottom. Again she picked up the book by DINOSUX MINISTRIES, and struck a match, holding the book over a silver plate ” This book says it was co-authored by Leoanard Dinckdick, be sure to hunt down every book with his name on it and show him we mean business.So Mote it Be” She lit the book aflame, climbed atop the alter and conclude the service with love, as he always does, her followers, worshipping her body from head to toe.


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