They gathered at dusk to read yarns spun from the Grimoire . Ancient texts forbidden to be spoken in the light of day. Around the fire they spewed forth banned incantantations and prayers that were said to arouse riotous behaviour. A persecuted lot , they had but one copy of this Grimoire, and they protected it at all costs. To speak of what was inside, would surely cost you your life. 

Twas an Evil thing indeed to have knowledge.  Perhaps knowledge might ignite a hunger in your soul for truth.
They never wanted you to know the truth. Live in the Dark,  yes in the dark behind the stones, in the thicket of the forest. They failed to realize that shadows come out in the darkness and these are only cast from rays of light.
Many of them were slain for reading the Grimoire known as The Book Of Moses.
Seeking Knowledge is not the Act of Evil…Oppressing It Is An Act Of Horror.


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