I possess your masochistic heart
And rule your body, mind and soul
Slicing you in two with just one look
I exert my power, and claim adoration
Sweet tears of adoration shed just for me

Fiery passion rules our wild trysts
Time spent together is never mundane
I challenge you to give your very best
I will accept nothing less than perfection
I pull out all the stops along the way

You look to me for direction and guidance
I give you discipline and so much more
Love on such a deep soul to soul level
I accept love from your Masochistic Heart
For I am your everything, Your Romantic Sadist


My heart takes your wielding blade
Savoring the edge as it slices through
Deeper now, go deeper, deeper still
I thrive on the merciless pain you give
Every knife needs a piece of meat to cut

This has become a way of life for me
I can’t exist without your sharpness
Wickedness has nothing on you my love
You are my weakness, I thrive with you
The sharp blade of your tongue sets me afire

I will take all that you have to offer
Then turn around and beg for more
I am half crazed with desire for you
I owe my life to you, my Romantic Sadist
For you own all of my Masochistic Heart


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