An example of a low capacity, mobile incinerator
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Mistress Jayne was summoned to the Country Estate of Mistress Rosie for Coffee and Conversation. Mistress Jayne had for a long time been under the guidance of Mistress Rosie, and Mistress Rosie was very proud of how far her young protege had come in such a short amount of time. Perhaps Mistress Jayne was just naturally dominant, there are those of us born that way and are blessed for being that way.

With Rosie’s Red headed Ashtray sitting between them at the breakfast nook, they each took out a cigarette which was promptly lit by the flicker of The Ashtrays Lighter.

“Tell me, Darling, How is it going with your new slave Josh? You have been trying to Cuckold him for sometime now?” Mistress Rosie asked Mistress Jayne.

“He just refuses to clean up after other men. I always end up calling old David in to clean up the mess. David has been with me from the beginning and has been loyal, although he tends to be boring.” Mistress Jayne answered. Flicking an ash in the Ashtray’s mouth.

“I see My dear child. Training will not work on this one. It is time for you to do an inventory of your stock. I do it at least once a year. You keep what is good, and get rid of is no use to you.”Mistress Rosie explained.

“Please tell me more Dear, Mistress, ” queried Jayne.

” I suppose it is like a check and balance sheet.  You write down the names of your slaves and by each one you write what the offer you or if the are a liability to you. For instance My Ashtray is not only a good Ashtray, but he is also a well trained cuck, and due to his size I can take him out and feel protected. He is also an excellent anal slave and oral slave. So My Ashtray earns his place in the stable.”Mistress Rosie  explained further.

“So then what do you do with the ones who don’t earn their keep?”asked Mistress Jayne

“My darling do you have an incinerator on your property?” asked Mistress Rosie?

“Yes.” answered Mistress Jayne

” Well My Darling One, I use my incinerator for burning rubbish. Don’t  You?” Mistress Rosie smiled wickedly.

“I think I understand. Could you help me with my first one? ” asked Mistress Jayne?

” Is he waiting in your car?” Mistress Rosie asked.

“Yes, he and Josh , ” Mistress Jayne answered.

“Light me a cigarette slut, and then go bring in Mistress Jayne’s boys, ” Mistress Rosie said as he pulled her ashtray up by his red hair.

Josh and David knelt before Mistress Rosie., The Presence of the  six foot four inch red headed Ashtray looming above them helped to keep them in their place.

“Mistress Jayne and I have been going over or inventory sheets for the past year. One of you came up very poorly. We  have a tradition here at Mistress Rosie’s Manor that is carried out after inventory is complete.” Mistress Rosie started before handing it over to Mistress Jayne.

“I have completed my inventory, and surprisingly found Old Josh to still be of some use to me. David on the other hand , you came up virtually useless. You will be the one who gets discarded like the trash you are, David!”

The one known as the Ashtray scooped up David and carried him down the stairs to the basement. The others followed.

“Mistress Jayne, Command your servant Josh to push him into the incinerator. Quickly, My Slut will help him.!” Mistress Rosie shouted.

” Josh, push David into the Incinerator at once,’ Mistress Jayne said matter of factly.

” Yes, Mistress , ” Josh answered, and began helping Ashtray push David into the incinerator.

“I hope you have learned a lesson here today Mistress Jayne. A good Slave will follow ALL of your commands, without flinching.



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