Crimson Bayou

The bayou ran crimson

With the blood of jealousy

Caught dead to rights

Sweating like pigs

In my marriage bed

My brother and my wife

They gave me no choice

My rage bubbled like hot mud

A sickness I call the swampgut

I grabbed my hunting knife

Gutted ole Bubba Jack

Laughing the whole time

By this time I hadn’t a mind

Son of a Bitch! Gator Bait!

Bubba Jack could be Gator Bait!

I grabbed that naked whore

Tossed her Jezebel ass into the boat

Into the Bayou we went, Me, Bubba and Jezebel

She threw the first piece of Ole Bubba

Blood poured into the bayou from him

Holy Shit! Here come the gators!

I tossed that cheating bitch to the gators.

The bayou ran crimson with sins of the flesh



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