Lucifuck by Alex S.Johnson

By Alex S. Johnson

Bright angel, feathers singed by heaven
Rehearse with me the holiest of sins
Crimes too sweet for punishment, his very wounds lament
Where prayers are whips and collars bands of flame
In secret solace for my human gaiety
That cannot, that will not rest, beyond satiety
Form the words that shall obey
Blistered with the heat, these swollen lips will pray

As mercy like perfume distilled of memory
Creeps from the tomb, ashes alight
And all around is death, is black, is right
Punched through with bonds to the crucified steel
Spun gleefully with rats on the Inquisition’s wheel
My dormant fancy takes the lightning’s wings
Blood’s sympathetic brass will bray, my bones will sing
Of thy infernal Kingdom: seal, note and ring.lucifuk


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