Fame In Purgatory


A voluptuous platinum blonde woman was staggering along an abandoned stretch of a long abandoned highway, rarely used, except for those who lost their way in the desert. She was stark naked, revealing to the world that she was in fact, not a true blonde, exposing in her feminine wiles a clear patch of auburn hair.  Tears flowed from her piercing blue eyes as smoke billowed from the cigarette she smoked.  The heat was now smacking her dead in the face. She held her head low. Looking up when she heard the blare of the horn from a semi truck, a Mack Truck’s headlights were dead in her eyes. She froze like a doe. The driver stopped in the nick of time.

Out of nowhere a patrolman on a motorcycle appeared on the scene. She began to cry profusely. She realized what she looked like. Composing herself, her mind flashed back to the last meeting she had with her attorney. Good old Harry. The man got the guiltiest of the guilty off. If you had the money, honey, then Harry had the time. She was snorting cocaine off Harry’s penis when he was telling her what to do if her addictions ever found her in a tight spot. His advice was, “ Deny, Deny, Deny..Play Insane, and if all else fails and you don’t look quite crazy enough, when they ask for your name, say you are Alice , The Mad Hatter or something like that.”

“I am Alice! You can’t arrest me! I was on my way to meet the White Rabbit for a special brew of tea” She began jumping up and down.

The Thin White Duke passing By with his friend The Prince informed young alice that she has consumed far too much Teas with The White Rabbit, and now it was time to meet The Mad Hatter.

By this time a dark-haired young woman was there along with a young African American man, they were driving the ambulance.

“I would tell her to go to Rehab, but she would say, NO! NO! NO!” The young dark haired woman cackled.

“ Pardon, me? I just have one question? Are you experienced?” asked the young African American man with a chuckle.

“Take her to The Snake King, she needs some Sexual Healing,” The Patrolman said with a smile.

She was greeted at The Snake King’s Clinic by a Nurse with a Southern accent.
”Welcome . Sweetheart. You know that freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose. Let yourself be free. Let it all go, and it will come back to ya, “

The Snake King’s assistant Dr. Kurt came into the room to visit her next. He appeared a bit grungy for a doctor in her point of view, but here she was stark naked, exposed with people traipsing in and out in an insane asylum,

“What exactly is it that you do Dr. Kurt?” she queried.

“I help people to get back what they have lost by finding themselves through a little bit of Teen Spirit. It is my hope the can achieve a state of Nirvana, “ he answered.

Nurse Janice came in and helped Dr. Kurt place the blonde woman on the treatment table. Dr. Kurt  hummed softly while Nurse Janice sponge bathed her. His voice was grellow, gruff and mellow at the same time, a lovely coexistence. It was trance like. It was a bit arousing, and did bring out her Teen Spirit.

“Honey, Dr. Kurt and I are going to leave now and the Snake King is going to come in. Remember to let yourself drift. Freedom really is just another word for nothing left to lose. You are a Pearl. “ Nurse Janice kissed her on the lips and left.

He entered the room with an aura of sexual swagger. Steam seemed to rise from his ebony locks of hair, transparent beads of sweat dripped down his chest. She could see the fire in the iris of his eye. She knew this was THE Snake King.

“Hello, I love you, Let me tell your name, “ He said looking into her eyes.

Her head began to spin, she felt dizzy. The room was spinning. A fever rose up inside her. Some Like It Hot, and Gentleman Prefer Blondes, but the only use she had for a gentleman was his money. It was coming back to her now. There was a reason why she called herself Alice

She Had been to Red Queen’s castle, played a dangerous game of chess. Mistress to the King, so now it was time for her to play a dangerous game of croquet. The odds were stacked against her you see, when the Red Queen yells off with her head , she means it.

Alice did not belong in Camelot and had to go back through the looking glass to wonderland. A drink to make her smaller, pills that made her larger and poof! Alice broke on through to the other side, where she met up with The Snake King.  jimmorrisonQuote

The Snake King licked her most lascivious manner, her legs fell limp, as she writhed. Mounting Her, he whispered into her ear ” Do you remember now, Oh Queen of the Angels?”  Breathlessly she sighed, “A sex symbol becomes a thing. I just hate becoming a thing.”





























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